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Coach Joan started running in her mid-thirties to lose weight and overcome fatigue. What she discovered was an activity that accepted everyone.


Running is the ideal sport to find new avenues for growth, learning and self-acceptance. Running provides an entrance to an elite club of amazing people. Most incredible, it allows you to find joy in sometimes the most difficult times.


Coach Joan’s philosophy is that anyone can do it. You are born to move and run. You have the ability to go as short or long as you want. It does not require talent; just desire and skill. Fortunately, skill can be taught.


Coach Joan has run over 30 marathons, 10 Ultra marathons including a 50-mile race, countless half-marathons and other shorter distances. Each offers its own challenges and learning. As an active endurance runner, Coach Joan continues to expand and refine her knowledge, keeping current to the latest information.


Coach Joan has helped hundreds achieve their running and walking goals.

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