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Improved You

Did you have any New Years’ resolutions for 2020? I did.

Many of them did not make it past the first week and I have been trying to see if I can get back on track. It is only February. There are almost eleven more months to go for the year. It is not too late to give up on my resolutions.

You may have decided on some New Years’ resolutions this year. Maybe you decided to eat better or start exercising. Maybe you decided to learn a new language or improve your patience with others. Some of you may even have decided that you will not have any New Years’ resolutions this year.

A new year is like a crossroad. It is an opportunity to change your path and go in a different direction. It is the ability to make a different decision for your life and yourself. The quote below is from a reality TV show and it really resonates with me:

“Sometimes you know you’re on the wrong path but you can’t do anything about it until you come to a crossroad”

Deciding to run or walk, when you have not in the past, is coming to a crossroad. Deciding to eat healthier or learn something new is a crossroad. It is easy to stay on your current path. It is effortless to keep your current structure of work, home, television, kids activities, food, sleep or whatever your day is.

What may surprise you, the hardest part after the decision to change, is just taking the first step. The movement of stepping off your current path to try a different one is scary. You really don’t know where it will lead you. What if it is worse than where you currently are? The fear of change is much harder than the actual change.

Running is a great way to easily choose a new, healthier path. You may go outside to start running and get exhausted after a few steps. No problem. Change to a walk. Next time walk. Continue to walk until you are ready to add some jogging spurts. It is still a WIN. Each WIN builds upon the next.

As you look to your future, what would you like to see? Money. Love. Family. Travel. Good health. Energy. Compassion. Joy. Running can help you find all these things.

The decision to choose a different path, to go for a run or a walk, makes your crossroad appear. You are on your way to an improved you.


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